Daughter of the 2007 ABGA & IBGA
Reserve Champion SWE "Main Event".
Son of RRD Ruger T307 which was the highest
selling Buck at he Ryals Dispersal Sale at $42,000.

  MCR TSUNAMI has passed on and finished his show career with 26 Overall Grands, 5 Overall Reserves
and mulitple Division and class wins. He was complimented by several ABGA judges as being the most
complete, balanced, correct, hog butted buck they had ever seen. Tsunami has become the highest
Individual pointed Buck in history and was Ennobled by 22 months by his 1st set of kids that happened to a
set of triplets. He will live on through his progeny and we'll continue to produce Tsunami offspring through
Embryo Transfer. We have a limited amount of semen left for the public at $200 per straw, with a 5 straw
minimum. Shipping is available at the buyers expense and can be delivered to ABGA Nationasl at no cost.
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MOTO Cold Cash
MCR Tsunami over RRD Ruger
  We are proud to announce the introduction of MOTO Cold Cash, he is MCR Tsunami *Ennobled over RRD
Ruger *Ennobled. He is a March born Buck that is VERY strong headed, super level, ultra balanced, pig
butted and carries excellent bone all the way down to the hoof. Cold Cash has always amazed us with the
amount of leg that he carries along with his skeletal frame. He is an amazing combination of Power,
Superb Correctness along with tons of style. His mouth is dead on and is clean teated, Semen is available
@ $100 a straw and he is available for Flush/Live Breedings.
MOTO Venom
MOTO Monster
MOTO Mulisha
    Moto Venom is without a doubt a true Stallion, he is just choked full of muscle without sacrificing that
attractive stylish look. He has that neck that just catapults out of those massive shoulders and is super
strong headed. Add the huge rack, monster loin and big ole' level hip with a massive rear and you have a
killer combination! This buck is super correct in his structure and passes that on to his offspring. We
have semen available at $200 per straw or 5 for $800 plus shipping. Contact us for more info.
Moto Monster is by far the most muscled up FREAK we have ever produced. Since the moment he hit the
ground he has had my full attention, he will become a major part of our breeding program for years to
come. He has already proven his ability to reproduce himself on just his first set of flush kids. We have
semen available on this bad boy for $300 a straw accross the board, contact us for more info.
MOTO Supreme Power
   Introducing MOTO Supreme Power, he is RRD Ruger *Ennobled over a TST1 Strategic Power *Ennobled
daughter. Now, let it all soak it and realize this genetic masterpiece! He is such an awesome combination of
Power, Correctness and Breed Character. HIs mouth is perfect, teats are clean and seperate and he is ready to
push your program forward. Supreme's Sire RRD Ruger has produced the top Bucks in the Industry and has
proved himself time and time again. As you study his dams side you have to realize his grandsire Strategic has
produced National Champion Does 2 years back to back! Semen is available at $75 per straw
or 5 for $300 plus
shipping, contact us for more info.